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Exceptional TANITA kitchen scales available NZ:


“Popular Two Kilo w Bowl”

“Slim In Chrome Two Kilo”

“Silicone Clean Two Kilo Micro-weigh”

“Foldaway Five Kilo”

“Three Kilo Plus Micro-weigh”

“Impressive 10 kilogram”

“Impressive 5 kilogram”

KD-160 – w bowl

  2kg/1g – Red or White

KD-177 – 2kg/1g

– Most stylish in chrome

KD-192 – 2kg/1g

Micro-mode: 200g/0.1g + 1kg/0.5g

– Hygienic removable silicone cover

–Choose: Green, Pink, or Red

KD-400 – 5kg/1g

– Absolute accuracy with

Geographic Gravity set.

KD-321 – 3kg/1g

Micro-mode: 300g/0.1g + 1,500g/0.5g

–Removable stainless tray

KW-211 – 10kg/1g

Highly accurate with “Geo Adjust”   Geographic Gravitational Accuracy set.

 Battery or Mains adaptor power

 Water & dustproof on battery (only!)

  Virtual commercial standard in consumer model. But not spec’d heavy commercial use!

KW-211 – 5kg/0.5g

“Geo Adjust”   

 Battery or Mains adaptor power

 Water & dustproof on battery (only!)

  Virtual commercial standard in consumer model. But not spec’d heavy commercial use!



RRP $28

Disc.RP $19

RRP $51.30

Disc.RP $38.48

RRP $52.24

Disc.RP $39.18

RRP $52.96

Disc.RP $39.72

RRP $64.48

Disc.RP $47.77


Disc.RP $239

RRP $259


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* TANITA kitchen scales are the “home-grown” top selling brand in Japan and a leading brand in the whole Asia-pacific region. That’s our region!

*  TANITA kitchen scales offer great value:  Compare our RRP’s, quality and standard of product features to any similar standard model (if you can find equal) from discount chain stores where everyone thinks they get a bargain, you will be totally impressed with TANITA.


BM&S Imports – TANITA-NZ – Consumer (home/personal) Product Distributor

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Model # / Name




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**Top model**






Choose version:

5kg or



** Impressive **


For the very busy sometimes messy kitchen!

Water and dust proof!


Choice of two versions:


1.  KW-211 Impressive – 5 kg ( / 0.5 g)


2.  KW-211 Impressive – 10 kg  ( / 1 g)


Optional battery or mains-adaptor powered.


“Geographic Gravitational Accuracy” setting.


See more – click!

Top model


Model version:


1. 5kg $259



2. 10kg $239


- email order










“Silicone Clean”

Three colours: Pink, Red, Green


Watch:  YouTube


**Super convenient**


2kg / 0.1g


Weigh directly onto silicone cover and simply rinse off under tap. Dries quickly as it is silicone!

Large 28mm easy read display.








- email order








KD-160 White

Digital Kitchen Scale w Bowl

Description: Description: Description: KD-160 small.jpg

Clearance priced




- also imperial selection (oz)

@ clearance deal

Was $28 now



+ p&p



- email order



KD-160 Red

Digital Kitchen Scale w Bowl


Clearance priced



- also imperial selection (oz)

@ clearance deal




+ p&p



- email order









5kg Digital Kitchen Scale

Description: Description: Description: KD-403 large.jpg


Clearance priced



- also imperial selection (oz)


Superior accuracy with Tanita’s original “Geographic Accuracy” feature.


Tare function – allows you to add and weigh individual ingredients without removing contents of a bowl.

@ clearance deal

Was $40




+ p&p


- email order










*Beautiful clean chrome finish*

(blue is not its colour, it is chrome reflecting blue!)


2kg/1g. Upmarket quality. Easy clean and hygienic chrome finish. Extra large 28mm easy read LCD display. Geographical accuracy adjust. Low profile easy store design. Plus more…









+ p&p




- email order









“Micro-weigher w removable platform”




* # 1*


3kg/0.1g. Upmarket, commercial standard for your home at an amazing price. A super little scale for weighing very light things. Micro-mode: Weighs to 1/10th gram. Fluid converter. Geo. adjust. Platform removes for easy cleaning. Tare function. …and more!






It’s still our “21st” Super deal, extended:


Limited time!

+ p&p


- email order














5kg/1g.  We're picking this to become NZ’s top-selling kitchen scale!  The display folds up so that it can stand and store on it's side in the pantry saving space. The cook of the house will love this feature. Geo. adjust, Tare, and many other features.











+ p&p



- email order










A list of our retailers where you can ask for any model is here: They can get it in for you!


Exceptional TANITA Retailers NZ:

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NB: All retailers do not carry all of the range of our models.




TANITA-NZ Buy Direct Offers:


NB:  We sell select models direct! Our retailers are listed with a link to their website.  With models that we do not sell direct you will find beside it “retailer-sales only”


How to buy direct:

Simply email us your order!

We accept Direct Credit to our bank account.


We keep our costs and prices to you down by operating this simple low cost trading website and not accepting payment by Credit Card or risky alternative methods.



Payment by Direct Credit is the easiest, cost reducing, and safe method for you to purchase:

If you do internet banking this will be easy for you. 

You can also go into your bank and make a direct credit.


You will find that if you catch us during work hours this preference for DC payment with us is as fast, or faster, than website cr/card transactions for you to get your bathroom scale!  This is a fact since if you can prove DC payment to us with a simple “screen capture” or other method we will get it out and on the way to you same day, within the hour!  You will get a tracking link so you can watch its journey all the way to your door.


Our shipping costs at cost!

Kitchen scale + $8 incl.gst.

Bathroom or BIA “scanning” scale + $16 incl.gst

1 Carton (4 units) + $26

RD + $8.00


To order:

Just go to the table of models above. Look to the right-hand column of the model you want.  Click the link to bring up an email that will send us your order. Give us your details including things like colour-choice if there is an option for the model you want.  An invoice with our bank account number for you to pay to will be sent back to you. Easy.


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All above models are stock for you to draw from.


Or, choose from our catalogue where all models are available to you at exceptional economy on our Indent Terms


That is, your order placed with our regular shipments = very low cost!


Pick one from the catalogue to make your own, an exclusive over the whole NZ market!


We then actively direct all customer enquiries on your exclusive to your store to buy!




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“Proudly offering you world leading TANITA products - now in our 23rd year (as at 2019)”


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PLEASE phone only during normal work-week hours, thankyou.     





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Newsflash Archive!

Monday, 3rd October 2016


It’s our 21st!

…we’ve been bringing you the best scales in the world for 21 years!

…from TANITA of Japan, 72 years world leader.

You can’t beat quality with incomparable innovation.


This Month’s Deal

Our top-selling KD-321 “Micro-weigh 3kg”

RRP $63.54

LIMITED time: $47.77

YOU save 25%




Print this pamphlet off; give it to your friends / family, they’ll love this scale - click on it above!




PLACE your order by email: TANITA - NZ Direct



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Friday, 30th September 2016


 ** New! **


We have brought in what you, our customers, have been asking for:

People have been saying to us…


“I want a kitchen scale with option of mains-power, is more durable, that can handle a busy kitchen mess, and weighs at least upto 5kg … / weighs upto 10 kg”  


Not only does this scale meet the top-end of specs kiwi kitchens have been asking us for, with battery or mains power, it is also water-resistant and dust-proof:  Go on, accidentally drop a bowl of flour over it …it won’t be bothered! 

(“IP67”: IEC standard).

It is so impressive; this is what we’ve named it…


KW-211 “Impressive” Kitchen Scale


Choice of two versions:

1.  KW-211 Impressive – 5 kg ( / 0.5 g)

2.  KW-211 Impressive – 10 kg  ( / 1 g)


RRP $259.66


Limited time offer on KW-211 – 10kg: 


+ courier


Buy now…

place your order by email:

TANITA - NZ Direct




This scale is categorised as “not legal for trade”:  Although it is a standard far above your ordinary brand of kitchen scale, it is designed for the home user or cottage industry, someone baking cakes for a weekend Farmers Market for example.  If you want a hard-out commercial TANITA model contact us for the correct supplier:  Legal for Trade” heavy commercial use scales are often a minimum twice the price of “consumer” scales designed for the “home user”.  Warranty is limited (or void) on “not legal for trade” product used in a heavy commercial manner. 


Our standard exceptional NZ warranty: We offer 2 years 100% free replacement against faulty manufacture and a unique sliding scale low cost replacement upto 10 years!

We can do this since we hardly ever receive faulty returns: Your TANITA is that good!







** Here now! **

Amazing new model: 


A model for your home with such high-spec’s it could be used commercially


Yes!  We have been listening to what you want…


If you want nothing but the best we have got it, you’ll want one of these!



Limited time first shipment deal:


RRP $259.66


Buy now: Email us your order, click here… TANITA - NZ Direct


See more – click!







**# 2 Top-selling**

TANITA KD-192 “Silicone Clean”

Three colours: Pink, Red, Green


Place item to measure directly on platform (silicone cover), then wash it, dries quick!

Very accurate: Micro mode for 1/10th (0.1) gram increments

Extra large easy read display


“Our most asked for kitchen scale” – Sybil Mak – TANITA marketing


Watch: YouTube (click!)


New low disc. price



RRP $52.24


Go to: KitchenScales4U for a hot deal


Ask your local retailer for a deal… click! (our full list under revision!)